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Welcome To The Math Fun Page:

Here are some of my favorite math puzzles. If you know of any others, send them to me and I will post it.

The Question Of The Three Doors.
This is my favorite Math puzzle of all time. I guarantee that this one will make you scratch your head.

In this game show, you have to find the prize, which is behind one of three doors. Only one door has a prize behind it. You pick a door, then the announcer opens one of the other two doors that you didn't pick which does not have a prize behind it, and shows you that it is empty. Now he asks you if you want to stay with your original guess or pick the other door which is still closed.
What are the odds of picking the right door out of three? What are the odds of finding the prize if you change your guess to the other door? Are your odds better by switching doors, or by staying with your original guess? Proove your answer.

If you need a hint, wirte to bulldog900@netzero.net

How about another train problem?

You are on a train starting at Los Angeles traveling to Dallas. Durring the trip your average speed was ten miles per hour. How fast does your average speed need to be on the trip back to have an overall round trip average speed of twenty miles per hour?

For a hint, write to bulldog900@netzero.net

More to come